Sunday, January 30, 2011

First month is almost over, and I'm almost finished!

No pics this time, as I have been doing mostly painting this week.  I have 80% of the shelves done, and will tackle the ones that require a ladder tomorrow.  Since Wednesday I have spent about four hours total doing:

  • painting shelves
  • washing and ironing curtains
  • taping newly painted shelves in preparation for wall painting
  • a little bit of work on the mystery DIY project
Here is what remains to be done:
  • painting high shelves and ceiling (we had a leaky, rusty toilet situation a few months back)
  • painting walls (after my husband finishes repairing holes in the plaster)
  • replacing toys on the shelves
  • finishing the DIY project
Since I can only make paint dry so fast, I won't quite be done in the month alloted, but that is ok.  The secret perfectionist in me is screaming, but I think I will feed her some chocolate and she'll be fine.  I am choosing a pretty easy room for February anyway, so getting a late start should be fine.  

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