Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Looking better still...

So today was busy.  I had to get A to before school care by 6:30 (which I didn't), then myself and M to work by 7 (which I didn't), and then back home to get A off the bus.  After that we had a 3:30 dentist appointment, 5:00 dance, and 6:15 dinner, followed by 7:30 bedtime (which I did!).  I am pretty sure that I ate breakfast, lunch, and dinner in there somewhere because I didn't pass out, but I couldn't tell you what any of them were.

But, I still fit in 15 minutes.  Here is what I accomplished in that time:

  • Established a Girl Scout file in my cabinet (one of the only ones that isn't a mess-but that's another post entirely)
  • Sorted 25 more books for the book collection that I have going
  • Dove head first into my pictures and began sorting them by year (hopefully this will lead to scrapbooking at some point soon-but I need clean, flat surfaces for that!)
  • Threw out one grocery store bag of trash and another of recycling.
Not much of a picture to show you, but after a few more days I should notice a bit of a difference.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

What I was doing the past six weeks (besides waiting)

I have used book buy-back services before for personal "fundraising", but back in February it became apparent that a friend needed help in that area.  I sent out emails and FB messages to most people that I know asking them for their used books as a donation to the cause.  I received over 300 books, and am still collecting.  I have been able to sell back about 25% of what I have received, and the rest will be for sale at a yard sale in May with proceeds still benefitting this friend in need.
I would HIGHLY suggest using book buy-back services!  They are a great way to clean out your clutter and you will get more money than at a yard sale.  There are about three sites I frequent, but this site will help you determine which site will give you the best price.  All sites offer printable, prepaid shipping labels that make it easy to send in the books.

Busting through the Wall...

Ok, so I hit the wall back in February.  The wall was named, "My husband interviewed for a promotion, then had to wait over a month to find out if he would get another interview, and then his territory changed and we might have to move if he doesn't get it."  Kinda long, but you get the point.  We were a little bummed around this house and I also couldn't justify organizing when I wasn't sure if we would be living here in six months.
Anyway, I am back at it and was able to undo the damage that I caused over the last six weeks.  Here is what the spare bedroom looked like:

After my first 15 minutes of work, I managed to get it looking like this:
Not much better, but there is more to stay tuned!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Back to Work, at my Desk!

It's amazing how much more motivated one is to sit down at their computer when they can actually sit down.  Hunching over a pile of crap to reach your keyboard is not helpful when trying to accomplish things.  So, with my glorious clean desk in front of me I got to work!

Tonight I spent about an hour:

  • Physically organizing my Daisy Troop's paperwork and filing it properly in my file carrier.
  • Labeling said files
  • Creating a spreadsheet containing the last three months of accounting for said Daisy Troop
I only purged about 15-20 sheets of paper, but at least there is a system for the incoming paper.  Despite what GI Joe says, filing systems are half the battle.  

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Change of Heart

It has been five days since I last posted, and four of them I spent in bed with Strep, fun.  Not sure what the deal is with me getting it twice in four months, but I am not a fan.  Don't get me wrong, it could be a MILLION other worse things, but it is still a pain in the butt throat.

While convalescing, I decided (pause for pat on the back-I actually spelled convalescing right the first time and thought my spell check must be broken!) that the living room really wasn't motivating me to get organized.  It's like getting motivated to loose that last pound.  Usually you just hope for a big poop, and figure you'll get there eventually.  So, I picked the spare bedroom instead.

I didn't pick this room in the first place out of shame.  I had hoped that I would have another month to slightly get it in shape so that you wouldn't have to see these pictures:

Now, most of my friends know that I pride myself on being relaxed about household chores, but no one has a real idea of how bad it can get.  OK, maybe one, but she has been paid to be quiet (literally she is our old nanny and was paid well for her silence).

This mess has developed since Christmas, since two people actually slept comfortably in this room over the holidays.  In theory, a mess that only took six weeks to develop should not take too long to clean up. We'll see, as there is a lot below the surface.

Anyway, for today's 15 minutes, I thought getting to the desk might be nice!  So I spent 15 minutes clearing the desk, organizing the piles of paper on the floor so that their contents are at least homogenous in nature, put a few boxes away in the closet, and moved the glider back to it's original location as the desk chair is finally free again.  Here are the results.

What you can't see in these pictures won't hurt you :)

Here is me at my desk!
Finally, an update on the playroom:  the hubby has finally spackled and I have a few more pieces to my DIY puzzle completed.  I think we will all be happy when we can put that room in the books.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Say Adios Dora!

  • First, you come out of the drawer, 
  • next you get stacked with other annoying DVDs and,
  • last you get donated to Mommy's school.
I am about to have a serious fiesta over the evacuation of Dora DVD's from my house.  If I had tequila available, there would be margaritas involved. ( On the rocks with salt-who's buying?)  It's not that I don't like Dora, but she has served her purpose, and I have done my time.  

It has been almost five years since she made her first appearance in our hacienda and she has out worn her welcome.  Even my six year old has recently started to say, "Do you know why I don't like Dora anymore?  It's because she always goes three places.  It's kinda predictable."  Yes, I really do have a six year old who uses the word predicable.  It's probably all that Dora watching that made her so smart ;)

So, after sorting through the DVDs for grownups and children, I am gladly parting with this stack (if you need some, feel free to comment below and they are yours-just do it quick, because they are going to work with me tomorrow.):

Second Month, and Second Room Here I come!

Ok, so technically the first room isn't "finished", but I have dove into the second none-the-less.  I am almost done the playroom (really, I'm waiting on the hubby to spackle but he has had a really yucky last couple of weeks, so I don't want to nag) and am so excited that the shelves no longer look like this:

Stay tuned for the reveal, as soon as the hubby gets off of his ...

My choice for the second room is our family room.  It is large, laid out pretty well, and actually pretty uncluttered.  I chose it because:  I am getting a late start, it is a short month, I still need to finish the playroom, and I will only be in town two weekends this month.  The changes won't be as dramatic, but it will keep me to my resolution and give me an "easy win".

So here is my living room now:

Stay tuned!