Monday, January 3, 2011

27 Barbies

This is what 27 Barbies look like:

I figured that helping the girls select some of what we purged would be the most respectful thing to do.  After all, I wouldn't want them sorting out and trashing my books for me.  

I would end up with a lot of hot pink covers and these:
Even four year olds know not to mess with my Twilight.
The Barbies were actually easy to whittle down, but apparently tossing out old, ripped up, half-colored pictures is completely off limits.  Now I must walk the line between involving them in the process and pulling the wool over their eyes as things disappear nightly.  Hopefully they won't mind too much when the end result is a calmer Mommy, and six pairs of scissors readily at their finger-tips.

The Stats:
  • One hour spent on two drawers on the craft bin and Barbie sorting.
  • One bag of recycling, four Barbies to donate, and a full quart sized bag of crayon bits for a project like this.
  • One organized drawer.
While I wish it looked like either of these two options:

It looks like this and is still sooo much better than it was this morning:


  1. LOVE the Barbies/daughters to scale picture - so funny!

  2. Love the blog so far. Man...all my friends have a blog now...maybe it's my turn...