Sunday, January 23, 2011

Called out on Facebook!

The whole reason that I started this blog is so that I would be held accountable by my hoards of  four followers if I didn't stick to my resolution.  Today, that was validated when I saw this status on FB: "Sweet Wonderful Friend wishes her blogger friends would blog more.".  I egotistically decided this was about me, even though I know at least two of her other blogger friends and they are decidedly more charming that I.

Either way, here I am, back at the blog.  I am way behind, so I made up for it today.  I am now only six days behind, after 1.5 hours spent mostly sorting playdoh.

Today I finished the last three shelves in the playroom:
 and can now give you the money shot of my glorious shelving unit.  This wall truly is the reason why I bought this house.  They screamed "playroom" from the first showing, and they really have been awesome.  People pay good money for custom shelves like these (of course theirs are probably straight...).
After that I moved on to the craft overflow area at the top of the basement steps.  Here was it's state prior to tonight:
Not awful, but I certainly could be utilizing the space better.  I went through the playdoh situation on the top shelves purging three sets geared towards younger children.  I also better organized the remaining craft supplies and made a promise to myself to start using up some of those great crafts.  I started by putting the Bendaroos in the middle of the floor in the playroom.  Once the girls notice them, I give it an hour before they are completely gone :)

Here is the newly efficient space with room for more paper products on the lower shelves.  

So, technically I am done the playroom.  However, I have one week left in the month, so I will spend it doing a little deep cleaning, etc.  Also, keep tuned for a a fun DIY project I have in mind!

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