Tuesday, January 25, 2011

So glad the State of the Union was on...

Bet you didn't hear that too often today.  I heard more people grumbling about missing their fav TV shows tonight than anything.  I was one of them until about 7:45 when I realized that no good TV = time to work on the playroom!  Apparently paying attention to the goings on of our government during this critical time in our nation's history doesn't fit into my equation.

I used to watch every State of the Union Address, even in college (that saxophone player sure was charismatic wasn't he?).  I have since grown tired of the incessant clapping for everything little word we like, and my small protest is to not watch and consequently hurt no one but myself.  But I really digress...

Back to my efforts in the playroom today.  I spent two full hours in there tonight, technically putting me 4 days ahead, and this is what I accomplished!
I repainted two doors, complete with trim, and one of four columns of the glorious shelving unit.  I started the night by trying to clean them and quickly realized it would be more gratifying (and faster) to repaint them.  After all, five years and two kids do a number on white paint.

As you can see in the picture, I purposefully got white paint on the wall to force myself to repaint them too. Tricky aren't I?

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