Sunday, January 9, 2011

Loosing Steam...

I'll 'fess up, I am starting to loose steam on this project.  Like most modern americans, I like immediate results!  I may have picked the wrong room to start with, as every day the kids mess up all my work from the previous evening.  Granted, they pick most of it up and my hubby has been really great about reminding them how hard Mommy is working, and why it is better this way, but I am still frustrated.

This aspect of my personality is probably why my house has gotten to this point in the first place, so it isn't surprising that I am starting to fade one week in to the project.  I tend to be an "all or nothing" girl, and lately it has been nothing as far as the house is concerned.  I read an article once about messy perfectionists and can completely identify with that mindset.  I look at projects and get annoyed that I don't have the time to do them "perfectly" so I just don't do them.  I guess I chose a really good resolution for myself, because by the time this year is done my house will be in better shape and hopefully so will I!

Now that I got my Oprah moment out of the way, Saturday's bite of the elephant was (drum roll please)....

...the Dress up clothes!  They are in that small green bin on the left and also hanging from hooks on the wall.  For a while, I LOVED the hooks, but as their wardrobe grew, it became too messy looking.

My new solution is actually a unit my brother bought us four or five years ago that has been floating around to different locations, never fully living up to it's potential.  I think it has finally reached self-actualization!

I am already feeling better as I type this, so I think I'll go start on today's 15 minutes right now.  But first I need to find a new box for donations, because this one is full!!!!!!

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