Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Looking better still...

So today was busy.  I had to get A to before school care by 6:30 (which I didn't), then myself and M to work by 7 (which I didn't), and then back home to get A off the bus.  After that we had a 3:30 dentist appointment, 5:00 dance, and 6:15 dinner, followed by 7:30 bedtime (which I did!).  I am pretty sure that I ate breakfast, lunch, and dinner in there somewhere because I didn't pass out, but I couldn't tell you what any of them were.

But, I still fit in 15 minutes.  Here is what I accomplished in that time:

  • Established a Girl Scout file in my cabinet (one of the only ones that isn't a mess-but that's another post entirely)
  • Sorted 25 more books for the book collection that I have going
  • Dove head first into my pictures and began sorting them by year (hopefully this will lead to scrapbooking at some point soon-but I need clean, flat surfaces for that!)
  • Threw out one grocery store bag of trash and another of recycling.
Not much of a picture to show you, but after a few more days I should notice a bit of a difference.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

What I was doing the past six weeks (besides waiting)

I have used book buy-back services before for personal "fundraising", but back in February it became apparent that a friend needed help in that area.  I sent out emails and FB messages to most people that I know asking them for their used books as a donation to the cause.  I received over 300 books, and am still collecting.  I have been able to sell back about 25% of what I have received, and the rest will be for sale at a yard sale in May with proceeds still benefitting this friend in need.
I would HIGHLY suggest using book buy-back services!  They are a great way to clean out your clutter and you will get more money than at a yard sale.  There are about three sites I frequent, but this site will help you determine which site will give you the best price.  All sites offer printable, prepaid shipping labels that make it easy to send in the books.

Busting through the Wall...

Ok, so I hit the wall back in February.  The wall was named, "My husband interviewed for a promotion, then had to wait over a month to find out if he would get another interview, and then his territory changed and we might have to move if he doesn't get it."  Kinda long, but you get the point.  We were a little bummed around this house and I also couldn't justify organizing when I wasn't sure if we would be living here in six months.
Anyway, I am back at it and was able to undo the damage that I caused over the last six weeks.  Here is what the spare bedroom looked like:

After my first 15 minutes of work, I managed to get it looking like this:
Not much better, but there is more to stay tuned!