Thursday, February 3, 2011

Second Month, and Second Room Here I come!

Ok, so technically the first room isn't "finished", but I have dove into the second none-the-less.  I am almost done the playroom (really, I'm waiting on the hubby to spackle but he has had a really yucky last couple of weeks, so I don't want to nag) and am so excited that the shelves no longer look like this:

Stay tuned for the reveal, as soon as the hubby gets off of his ...

My choice for the second room is our family room.  It is large, laid out pretty well, and actually pretty uncluttered.  I chose it because:  I am getting a late start, it is a short month, I still need to finish the playroom, and I will only be in town two weekends this month.  The changes won't be as dramatic, but it will keep me to my resolution and give me an "easy win".

So here is my living room now:

Stay tuned!

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