Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Change of Heart

It has been five days since I last posted, and four of them I spent in bed with Strep, fun.  Not sure what the deal is with me getting it twice in four months, but I am not a fan.  Don't get me wrong, it could be a MILLION other worse things, but it is still a pain in the butt throat.

While convalescing, I decided (pause for pat on the back-I actually spelled convalescing right the first time and thought my spell check must be broken!) that the living room really wasn't motivating me to get organized.  It's like getting motivated to loose that last pound.  Usually you just hope for a big poop, and figure you'll get there eventually.  So, I picked the spare bedroom instead.

I didn't pick this room in the first place out of shame.  I had hoped that I would have another month to slightly get it in shape so that you wouldn't have to see these pictures:

Now, most of my friends know that I pride myself on being relaxed about household chores, but no one has a real idea of how bad it can get.  OK, maybe one, but she has been paid to be quiet (literally she is our old nanny and was paid well for her silence).

This mess has developed since Christmas, since two people actually slept comfortably in this room over the holidays.  In theory, a mess that only took six weeks to develop should not take too long to clean up. We'll see, as there is a lot below the surface.

Anyway, for today's 15 minutes, I thought getting to the desk might be nice!  So I spent 15 minutes clearing the desk, organizing the piles of paper on the floor so that their contents are at least homogenous in nature, put a few boxes away in the closet, and moved the glider back to it's original location as the desk chair is finally free again.  Here are the results.

What you can't see in these pictures won't hurt you :)

Here is me at my desk!
Finally, an update on the playroom:  the hubby has finally spackled and I have a few more pieces to my DIY puzzle completed.  I think we will all be happy when we can put that room in the books.

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