Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Looking better still...

So today was busy.  I had to get A to before school care by 6:30 (which I didn't), then myself and M to work by 7 (which I didn't), and then back home to get A off the bus.  After that we had a 3:30 dentist appointment, 5:00 dance, and 6:15 dinner, followed by 7:30 bedtime (which I did!).  I am pretty sure that I ate breakfast, lunch, and dinner in there somewhere because I didn't pass out, but I couldn't tell you what any of them were.

But, I still fit in 15 minutes.  Here is what I accomplished in that time:

  • Established a Girl Scout file in my cabinet (one of the only ones that isn't a mess-but that's another post entirely)
  • Sorted 25 more books for the book collection that I have going
  • Dove head first into my pictures and began sorting them by year (hopefully this will lead to scrapbooking at some point soon-but I need clean, flat surfaces for that!)
  • Threw out one grocery store bag of trash and another of recycling.
Not much of a picture to show you, but after a few more days I should notice a bit of a difference.

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